When Thursday became Sunday

July 6, 2018

Thursday became Sun-day and we investigated, celebrated, researched, created and recorded our learning and understanding of our nearest star.

Sport abounded too;  We were thrilled to have Jonnie Peacock with us on Wednesday – he oozed an infectious passion for sport through his whole school assembly and we all enjoyed racing against him at break time.

And our Year 3/4 team had a fabulous day of Kwik Cricket at Caldecote with Mr Drane.  They performed brilliantly and were all thrilled to win another award for “Spirit of the Games”.

We have enjoyed some triangular (and angular) challenges this week.  There were some quality pattern seeking efforts amongst the children.

And our shadow puppet topic was wonderfully enhanced by a shadow performance of Peter and the Wolf and a workshop for the children.(Infusion Theatre)


SRE lessons.  Attached ppt presentation shared with parents at the meeting this week.  Any queries, please ask.

Y4 SRE Parent Presentation

Monday 9th July:  Sports Day pm – with regret, and with Public Health England advice, this has been cancelled.  Children will be competing in their chosen races during the week at times when the weather is a little cooler.

Friday 13th July:  Family Friday