Swimming and Sandwiches, Forest School and Fun

January 17, 2020

Amazon had a fabulous start to Forest School with great team work and exploration.  Nile were den building and making mobiles this week.

Both classes started swimming lessons this week.  It was a very successful start with all the children showing independence, organisation and courage.  There is a great deal for them to remember but most managed very well.  Now the children have been assessed by the swim teachers at Parkside they will be put into 3 groups most appropriate to their level for lessons going forward.  Read a report here by a budding Nile reporter: Making a Splash

Making progress in instruction writing was hugely helped by the incentive of designing, making and eating sandwiches in class this week.  Again the children showed great teamwork and critical assessment of their own and others work.  Tasty learning.

In science, we have been learning about where our electricity comes from, and the potential dangers of mains electricity and how to be safe around it.  Next week, building circuits.

Next week in English:  Making progress in developing and using persuasive language, and in Maths we will be focusing on multiplication fluency and mastery skills in 7, 9, 11 and 12 times table.

Guided Reading for next week:  Ice skating text

Maths Challenge:  Times Table Shape

Next Week Diary Dates

Monday:  Forest School (Amazon), LAMDA

Tuesday:  Swimming

Thursday:  Museum of Technology Trip.  Please remember a healthy packed lunch (no nuts) and full water bottle.  Please wear school uniform and bring a coat.

Thursday 5pm:  Parent Information Meeting for Residential Trip.  All information shared will be posted on the blog after the meeting for reference.

Friday:  Forest School (Nile)