The Mysteries uncovered

October 4, 2019

This week we have continued to explore Ancient Egypt, including the river Nile and the amazing and exciting discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb. During Topic, we have travelled back in time to the river Nile and in pairs, have created our own River of Knowledge! We used information from various sources to design and label our own river Nile and we even included some fun facts.

During English we wrote another section of our non-chronological report. After this, we developed our skills in peer assessing our work and focused on spellings, punctuation and grammar. We also celebrated Poetry Day on Thursday by writing our own nonsense poem and practicing our poem Ladybug  which we have been focusing on in LAMDA.

In Maths we have reviewed our knowledge of column addition with three digit numbers, many of us attempting the challenges. We are looking forward to column subtraction next week.


A reminder that Nile class will be with Ms Watson for the week.

Our Guided Reading text for this week is The lion’s den.

Our spelling rule for next week are prefixes and we will be focusing on subordinating conjunctions and apostrophes for possession.

In Maths we are continuing revising our understanding of three digit numbers.  Please find attached a fun game for all of the family.

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