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The Rescue! (w.c. 13th July)

The Rescue! Welcome to week 3, the last week of your ‘UCPSpace’ project learning and the final week of your online learning before the holidays! Hooray! You have found a fuel source and are now ready to re-launch your rockets to find and rescue your new teachers, ready for September! This week is the final … Continued

Crash Landing! (w.c. 6th July)

Crash Landing! Welcome to week 2 of the ‘UCPSpace’ project learning! We hope that you enjoyed the launch of our new learning projects last week! The anticipation is building and we hope you can rescue your new teacher from this far away planet! This week you experience a challenging twist to the project! Be sure … Continued

Lift Off! (w.c. 29.6.20)

We Have Lift Off! This week, the University of Cambridge Primary School is embarking on a three week project that will culminate in the children meeting their new class teacher at the final Virtual Family Friday on 17th July! The UCPSpace Project draws on English and creative thinking skills as they journey through space to … Continued

Learning Links for w/c 22nd June

Hello everyone. Welcome to a new week of your online learning! Messages for the Week Premier Sport have very kindly offered to send us some fitness and exercise videos that the children can use throughout the week. As part of the email that is normally sent to you on Friday from Mrs Sharman, you will … Continued

Learning Links for w/c 15th June

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new week of your online learning. Please see the sessions below to link you to your learning for the week. Messages for the Week Each week, in addition to the Maths sessions, there will be a focus on an unlock challenge in Maths specific to each year group. (For more … Continued

Learning Links for w/c 8th June

Hello everyone! Please see below for all of your learning links for the week. Although we have numbered the sessions, please feel free to go at your own pace. This week is also Bike Week! Cycling has been a great release for many families during the pandemic and we hope you’ll continue to enjoy cycling … Continued

Learning Links for w/c 1st June

Hello everyone! Welcome back to your online learning! We hope that you had a lovely half term. Please see below for all of your learning links for the week. At the end, we have also compiled an abundance of additional resources for other subjects that you can dip into at your leisure throughout the half … Continued

Virtual Learning for w/c 18 May 20

Dear Year 4 Welcome to the new week. Mental Health Awareness Week Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, Mental Health Awareness Week takes place from 18-24 May 2020. The theme is kindness. Mental health is about our feelings, our thinking, our emotions and our moods and it is important that we look after our mind … Continued

Virtual Learning for w/c 11 May 20

Dear Year 4 Welcome to the new week. Here is an uplifting video shared by Mr Smith. You could use this as a prompt for a P4C discussion: Some questions it made us think of: What is hope?  How do we know when we can trust someone?  Why should we never give up?  Is … Continued

Virtual Learning WC 4th May

Good morning Year 4 You will be sent a daily email from enquiries@ with the  UCPS YouTube videos for each day’s learning. This blog page will be updated daily with Learning resources for week beginning 4th May.   Monday 4th May: Maths – Decimals: tenths and hundredths Lesson 1 – Decimals tenth and hundredths English … Continued

Virtual Learning WC 27.4.20

Good morning Year 4 You will be sent a daily email from enquiries@ with the  UCPS YouTube videos for each day’s learning. This blog page will be updated daily with Learning resources for week beginning 27th April.   Monday 27th April: Maths – Fractions: Adding fractions – Adding Fractions Monday English – Adverb word mat … Continued

Virtual Learning WC 20th April

Welcome back to online learning with Miss Janes and Mrs Bullen-Smith.  We hope you and your family kept safe and had a lovely Easter break. Our new topic for this half-term is ‘Under The Sea’.  We will be learning about oceans and seas and thinking about the impact of human behaviour on marine life and … Continued

Easter Holiday Blog

Dear Year 4 Families, It is vitally important you get a good break over Easter. The following activities are provided for you to dip in to should you wish to.  If you do not wish to, then enjoy your families, enjoy the outside as much as possible and stay well. Lessons will restart on Monday … Continued

Virtual Learning week commencing 30 March 2020

Good morning Year 4 You will be sent a daily email from enquiries@ with the  UCPS YouTube videos for each day’s learning. This blog page will be updated daily with Learning resources for week beginning 30th March 2020. Monday 30th March: Handwriting:  See video and handwriting 30.03.20 Maths: access ppt Roman Numerals Lesson 2   … Continued

Virtual Learning for the week of 23 March 2020

Good morning Year 4 Update  READING: check out! We have set you up with an account and you will find a tutorial link and your class code in your Friday email. We hope you enjoy! Getepic: get ahead for April and check out this calendar GetEpic April 2020 A letter from Dr Biddulph:  Letter for … Continued

STEM week

Wow! What a fun filled week it has been. We have been non-stop enjoying a range of creative lessons inside and out. Inside, we have produced different types of art inspired by nature. Some of us have created Shaman Sticks using a variety of different materials such as leaves, rocks, feathers and string. Others have … Continued

Sound science and snuggling with stories

Brilliant learning in science this week as children investigated how sounds are made and how the effect of vibration can be seen and felt. It was lovely to Snuggle with Stories this week – it is a super moment in our school calendar. And World Book Day was rich with discussion and sharing.  In Nile … Continued

Around the World in 80 Days

This week we have immersed ourselves in the story Around the World in 80 Days. In our new learning street we have thoroughly enjoyed getting creative while discovering and exploring different cultures from a variety of countries. In Maths, we have been learning all about the perimeter and the area of 2D shapes. We used … Continued

All about books…

By a Nile Reporter: All about books… It is Book Week! This week we’ve been working on characters from ‘Here We Are’ by Oliver Jeffers. Nile Class has focussed on the character of ‘Boy’. Nile was teamed up with Maple Class who chose two divers as their characters. At first, we questioned each other about … Continued

From our own correspondent

From our own correspondent in Nile class: In English this week we have finally started to write our speeches!  We started on Monday with our introductions and on Tuesday we did our main body.  We have great faith in the quality and composition of these speeches. We are set to finish by the end of … Continued

Guest editor

This week’s blog is brought to you by a guest editor in Nile class: Swimming This week at swimming Year 4 had the longest lesson yet.  This was the first lesson where everyone enjoyed themselves.  In group 3, we were showing the teacher front crawl, breast stroke, backstroke and dolphin.  The majority of people’s best … Continued

Museum of Technology

We have had a busy but fantastic week this week, with our second lesson of Forest School, Swimming and of course, the highlight of our week, our school trip to the Cambridge Museum of Technology. During our trip, we explored different inventions and took part in interactive, hands-on workshops about printing press, steam pumps, bricks … Continued

Swimming and Sandwiches, Forest School and Fun

Amazon had a fabulous start to Forest School with great team work and exploration.  Nile were den building and making mobiles this week. Both classes started swimming lessons this week.  It was a very successful start with all the children showing independence, organisation and courage.  There is a great deal for them to remember but … Continued

Welcome Back

Happy New Year. Thank you again for all the extremely generous gifts we received at Christmas, it is very much appreciated. It has been drunk, spent and eaten already. Nile were delighted to start Forest School this week. They reviewed the safety rules, created hazard flags to get to know the area again and enjoyed … Continued

Happy Christmas

A wonderful week to complete the term: Wishing all Year 4 families a restful break to refresh. If you and your child would like: Time Tables timed practice @ Here’s Mrs Bullen-Smith’s intended reading: Whatever yours is, enjoy! With best wishes from the Year 4 team.  

12 Days ’til Christmas

In English, we have been writing our own exhilarating ending to Kensuke’s Kingdom. In order to excite the reader, we have included direct speech, fronted adverbials and powerful adjectives and verbs. We have also been working collaboratively in our editing lessons and have been supporting each other with spelling, punctuation and grammar. In Maths, we … Continued

Festive Creativities

We kicked off the week with a session led by FOCUS to record our song – it was fast paced and tricky to be quiet in all the right spots but we had great fun and look forward to hearing the results. We had sessions with Clare from BigFoot, and honed some (very) dramatic skills. … Continued

Kensuke Kingdom

We are immersing ourselves in Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo.  As we read the book it became apparent that a chapter of the book was missing;  so we have become authors to re-write the missing part, with some fabulous results. As we have learnt about Kensuke’s island home, we have focussed on the features of … Continued

Universal Children’s Day

In a very short week we have packed a great deal in.  We have developed our self portraits with some fabulous results. On Universal Children’s Day we enjoyed meeting Jacob and learning about his work with refugees through Action for Education (  We made soundscapes with him based on the Teacup text we have been … Continued

Be a buddy not a bully

This week we have been focusing on the power of kindness and how it can be the best tool to prevent bullying and promote friendship. On Tuesday, both children and staff wore odd socks and creatively designed an anti-bullying poster to raise awareness for anti-bullying week. We discussed the difference between bullying, conflict and kindness … Continued

This island’s mine!

Totally immersion in The Tempest this week has been enriching, creative, enlightening and great fun.  The children will have shared with you that we have acted, choreographed, written, danced, diarised, conjectured, predicted, collaged, painted and laughed.  The learning has been fabulous.       We look forward to sharing our learning journeys from the week … Continued


This week we have been getting stuck in with all things creative and active. We have been exploring with colour, creating sea turtles and observing closely as we start self portraits. During PE, we have been developing ball skills, in particular throwing and catching. We have fully immersed ourselves in our new topic Survival and … Continued

Celebrating Diwali

It was wonderful to see so many parents at Family Friday and share our learning from this half term with you all.  This has completed our week of celebrations. We enjoyed a wonderful Diwali lunch on Wednesday and created some lanterns and artwork during the day.  We also tried Hindu dancing and reread the story … Continued

Marvellous mummification!

In English we have been exploring the emotions of Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb and putting ourselves in his shoes in order to create a diary entry. To do this we learned about possessive apostrophes and subordinating conjunctions (I SAW A WABUB), here are some sheets if you would like more practice. Possessive apostrophe … Continued

The Mysteries uncovered

This week we have continued to explore Ancient Egypt, including the river Nile and the amazing and exciting discovery of King Tutankhamen’s tomb. During Topic, we have travelled back in time to the river Nile and in pairs, have created our own River of Knowledge! We used information from various sources to design and label … Continued


Highlight of the week was our wonderful trip to the Fitzwilliam Museum.  We enjoyed some the superb learning opportunities provided by the museum staff and the self-led part of the day.  Thank you to the parents who supported this trip. We discovered the rocks that were used by the Ancient Egyptians and back at school … Continued

Legendary Learning Street

We have immersed ourselves in the curriculum this week and the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning new skills from the Ancient Egyptians. Out in the learning street, the children have been understanding how the Egyptians built pyramids and reproducing 3D shapes using different materials; using hieroglyphics to create their own message; becoming an archeologist through … Continued

Welcome to Year 4

We are delighted to see all the children back in school as they start Year 4.  We have enjoyed getting to know them this week and have spent time this week reminding ourselves of the school’s values in interactive and playful ways.  It was a pleasure to share some of our learning with you at … Continued