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Forest and Field

The children came back full of excitement from their visit to Year 5 Fuji Class on Monday.  Expectations were set and kites were made.  “It was brilliant.  And my kite really flew!” We spent Wednesday afternoon on the field with the whole of KS2 and all had a go at 7 different field events including … Continued

Community News

We hope you enjoyed the community poems that came home this week, and that you can help to build our community wall before the end of term. In maths we surveyed each other for all sorts of information (favourite games, pets, birthday months).  We drew tables of our results and then created some brilliant bar … Continued

Sporting Success

The children completed some excellent Global Warming information posters: They worked well together with mathematical challenges on capacity  Capacity-investigation. And we had great sporting success this week. Next Week: Tuesday:  Parent SRE information session  2.30 – 3.00pm Thursday:  Heffers Book Event – 6.15pm Friday:  Reports out. Notice from Focus: Are you and your family ready … Continued

Angels and Angles

The completed banners, with heartfelt messages, for the Girton150 promenade look terrific.  We are looking forward to seeing many of you at the event on Sunday. Our cricket coaching sessions continue to support the development of some good skills and better sportsmanship. In English and Topic we have been considering effective ways of communicating important … Continued

Girton150 and Mini Olympics

We were inspired by the stories of the suffragists during our trip to Girton College and used this inspiration to create our own banners with ArtBash. We are looking forward to seeing the banners being paraded on Sunday 30th June. We had a brilliant day participating alongside 1600 other children in this year’s Mini Olympics … Continued

Mind, Body and Soul

“I think this belongs to you,” said Mr Fox. “No,” said Clara.  “Umbrella belongs to ALL of us.” We were delighted to listen to Umbrella read to us by the book’s author and illustrator Elena Arevalo Melville Ms Melville then led a wonderful art workshop with us based on the theme of empathy – a … Continued

Let the pictures speak for themselves

A week full of creativity and inclusion.  We all excelled, developed new skills, collaborated brilliantly and performed with such enthusiasm.  Well done Thames, and all at UCPS.  Watch the website for a film of our performance if you were not able to join us. Next Week: Healthy Eating Week Monday:  LAMDA, LAMDA Club for exam … Continued

Compassionate Citizenship

Thames have been writing furiously to develop and finish their Amazon adventure stories, and we were delighted to share our work with you at Family Friday. We have also considered money and decimals: Column addition money Money and decimals. Our litter pickers are out in force again and are working hard, along with Year 2, … Continued

Rainforest Learning

After the excitements of the residential trip and writing brilliant projects, we were delighted to get deeply involved in our Rainforest topic this week.  We have enjoyed music making, construction, acting and directing and rainforest based maths challenges in the learning street. We are also developing our characters as we write our own version of … Continued

Planting and Projects

Thank you to Mr Morton who spent the afternoon with Thames last week and launched a sunflower seed growing competition for us. We have had a busy week creating superb projects of our memories of the residential trip.  We have included poems, creative writing, watercolour work, cover designs and labelled site maps.  We will be … Continued

Brilliance at Bawdsey

We were delighted to be able to share your children’s journey through each day of the residential trip via twitter. Each child grew; they were courageous, collaborative and kind.  Some conquered new heights (literal and metaphorical!), some overcame fears, some tried new foods and all smiled, laughed and sang. The team thank you all for … Continued

The Salmon of Knowledge

What a wonderful start to term; we were delighted to welcome Celina Buckley in to school this week.  She taught some of the children 2 years ago and has now moved back home to Ireland where she is teaching alongside writing and illustrating children’s books. Celina’s first book is The Salmon of Knowledge, based on … Continued

Fashion Finale!

A wonderful end to the half term:  Family Friday and a Fashion Show.  The children were all delighted to share their final t-shirt designs with their KS2 peers, and to take them home.  The results of their sustained efforts were clear.  Well done.  Designers of the future?       We also found time to investigate … Continued

Team Work

The children have enjoyed seeing their designs start to become a reality as they work on their T-shirts. They have supported each other and problem solved very well. We have enjoyed some high quality class discussions around a variety of texts this week. We are beginning to plan a recount based on one of the … Continued

Jungle Fun

The children’s Fives skills are coming on well – there were some excellent rallies this week. And we have been having considering some interesting investigations to carry out on the range of tea bags we are collecting now. The children have wowed us with some superb persuasive speech writing based on Clara Lemlich’s fight for … Continued

Q: Why can’t a (red) nose be 12 inches long?

A:  Because then it would be a foot. A taste of some of the great jokes the children shared today to support Red Nose Day.  The children all looked fantastic and we collected generous donations.  The total will be announced next week, but is well over £500. We really thought about the power of speech … Continued

Fives, Books, Stories, Books, Negative numbers, Books, Hockey, Books

A really booky week.  World Book Day yesterday was fantastic with children creating their own reading rivers, and continuing fantastical stories.  A highlight was the raffle ticket hunt, and the potential to find a winning ticket.  The book talk was great and I am sure the children have shared this inspiration and enthusiasm with you … Continued

Spring into action

This week has been super; creative poetry writing, T-shirt logo and message designing, netball tournaments and maths games but it was a winning Monday. We were thrilled to have a demonstration assembly and a fantastic BMX workshop in the blazing sunshine with Mike Mullen (  Everyone developed their growth mindset and flearned (not a typo, … Continued

Presenting our best selves

We enjoyed sharing our newfound drumming skills in assembly this week: The children all learnt and practised gymnastic techniques in Little Gym: In PSHE we thought about the importance of first impressions and presenting our best selves.  We also considered and reflected on which attributes we wanted to demonstrate to other people when we met … Continued

New skills

Another packed week of blog writing, singing and sporting success. It was lovely to see so many parents at Family Friday this morning, we were pleased to share our learning and our singing with you. We were also delighted to welcome Mrs Pelcova to Thames today to learn about her beautiful work designing and making wedding … Continued

And sew ends January

We enjoyed a superb live performance of Saint-Saens The Swan as a prompt for our creative writing this week which we will be pleased to share with you at Family Friday. Building on our understanding of teeth and chewing as the first stage of digestion, our science lesson got messy with a demonstration of how … Continued

Personal successes

In English this week we became reporters and considered the environmental problems caused by the fashion industry, and some possible solutions.  We filmed each other and started transcribing our ideas for a blog, which will hopefully be ready for you to read next week. Our full week of learning has been punctuated by some enriching … Continued

Fashion Facts

We have enjoyed making a start on our topic this week.  The children have been introduced to the new learning street and are building new teams to help them work successfully during their playful enquiry sessions.    We have explored the impact of the cotton industry with a focus on the Aral Sea.  The children … Continued

All Hail, Macbeth!

What a fabulous start to the term:  We have all enjoyed retelling the powerful tragedy of Macbeth. We immersed ourselves in the play, becoming the characters and expressing their feelings and ideas in our writing and acting. We have been reviewing our understanding of time, and will continue this next week.  Any practice reading both … Continued

Christmas is coming

We have really got to grips with decimals this week, tenths and hundredths.  And we have worked on spelling patterns and recounting stories in a set number of words. Artistic opportunities have abounded: The children are looking forward to next term’s topic – Fashion.  If you have any fabrics or embellishments (such as ribbons, button, … Continued

Festivals and Celebrations

The highlight of our week was the trip to Great St Mary’s Church; learning about the history of the building,  singing  carols altogether and hearing the Christmas Nativity story depicted in the stunning stained glass window. We also enjoyed learning about the Jewish festival of Hannukah during assembly. In Maths we have been looking at … Continued

All things planetary.

We were delighted to welcome Ryan MacDonald into school this week.  He is a planetary expert currently studying for a PhD in Astronomy at the University of Cambridge.  His talk was engaging and informative, especially as he is part way through the selection process for the proposed Mars One mission. If you would like to … Continued

International Children’s Day

On Tuesday, we celebrated Universal Children’s Day by thinking about children’s rights and looking at the experiences of children all over the world. We all realised the part that we can play in our school, communities and wider society. We raised money for the refugee school in Greece that Miss Natale worked at last year. … Continued

Child-led learning

We have enjoyed some rich learning this week, some of it researched and presented by the children.  The effort they have put in and and the confidence with which they have shared their work has been superb.    Next week, on Tuesday 20th November, we will be celebrating Universal Children’s Day and thinking about the rights … Continued

Celebration and Commemoration

Guy Fawkes Night led us to create firework pictures using solids (sugar, salt, oats), liquids (watercolour) and gases (our breath).  Creative science this week. We celebrated Divali with a wonderful assembly and lunch aswell as Miss Anita showing the tricks of Sari wearing in the learning  street. And we have acknowledged Remembrance through poetry writing, … Continued

All things Poetic

  We enjoyed a super-active LAMDA session this week with some brilliantly choreographed poetry performances.  Tony Mitton came to visit, shared his work and answered super questions such as “Why did you call your poem books Plum and Pip?” and “How did you become interested in poetry?” (Answer:  Loved playing with words and reading poetry … Continued

Half Term Review

We have spent this week writing, polishing and sharing our myths, and reviewing our learning for this half term. It was a pleasure to see you at Family Friday this morning to share and celebrate the children’s learning.  I am delighted that some children are pursuing their interests in our topic work by doing further … Continued

A Dickens of a week

By dressing in character, dancing, singing, modelling, freeze frames, diary and letter writing,  maths and philosophy we have weaved our way through the Victorian world of Dickensian story telling and lived formative moments in Oliver Twist’s young life.      Victorian School, including lining up for gruel, and trying to get to grips with pounds, … Continued

Myths and microscopes

We were delighted to welcome Mr Khaliq to our science lesson this week.  He put our understanding of microscopes into real life context as he works in biotechnology and is currently supporting specialised scientists with imaging cells and tissues cultures specifically in the area of disease research.  I am very grateful for the time he … Continued

Empire Building

We democratically voted for the temple design to be constructed in the learning street and set about putting  the design into reality this week.  The children industriously planned, coloured, drew and painted and the structure is beginning to take shape. We shared and retold the story of Achilles and tried to get a feel for … Continued

Democracy in action

We were inspired with a superb start to the week at LAMDA with new teacher Miss Katie.  Learning clapping games, tongue twisters and new warm-up techniques. We had a superb immersive time in all things Ancient Greek.  A visitor from a story-telling, fact-sharing, team building Greek Warrior. We tried to solve puzzles and play board … Continued

Learning to Learn Week

It has been a pleasure to meet so many parents and carers during our soft start sessions this week.  I have also enjoyed beginning to get to know your children a little better. We have enjoyed time practising collaborative learning skills, reinforcing presentation skills and setting expectations for learning and to meet our Golden Agreements. … Continued