The Salmon of Knowledge

April 26, 2019

What a wonderful start to term; we were delighted to welcome Celina Buckley in to school this week.  She taught some of the children 2 years ago and has now moved back home to Ireland where she is teaching alongside writing and illustrating children’s books.

Celina’s first book is The Salmon of Knowledge, based on a traditional Irish myth.  Celina inspired us to create our own artwork using collage, just as she did for her book.  The process and outcomes were enriching and rewarding.

We have focused on considering our personal recipe to promote our own well being and that of others in Thames as we prepare to go on the trip on Monday.  The children have recognised that their nervous and excited feelings are all perfectly normal!

final reminders

Kit List

We look forward to seeing all the children on Monday morning, normal time, in suitable clothes for the activities to start as soon as we arrive at Bawdsey Manor.

Wishing you a peaceful weekend; perhaps taking time to watch the London Marathon on Sunday in support of Mr Drane.

Next Week:

Mon – Weds:  Residential Trip

Thurs:  Gardening session, children can bring seeds from home to plant if they wish

Thurs and Fri:  Mr Ruzvidzo will be with Thames

Mon 6th May:  BANK HOLIDAY