And sew ends January

February 1, 2019

We enjoyed a superb live performance of Saint-Saens The Swan as a prompt for our creative writing this week which we will be pleased to share with you at Family Friday.

Building on our understanding of teeth and chewing as the first stage of digestion, our science lesson got messy with a demonstration of how our digestion works after we swallow the food.  Can your child explain what each of the parts of the model represents (pestle and mortar, funnel, plastic tube, sock, bowl!)?

We continued to develop our sewing skills (old socks still needed for progression if you have any please).

And we indulged in a creative time to redesign the covers of our favourite books.

And, of course, we played in the snow.

Creative writing:

Want more opportunities?  Why not enter BBC Radio 2 500 Words competition (

Maths practice:

Pelmathism is like Pelmanism with times tables.  Have a go, good fun and great practice:

Next week:

Monday:  LAMDA

Tuesday:  New Age Kurling competition for KS2 representatives

Thursday:  Swimming

Friday:  Family Friday 8.30 – 9.10.  Come and share in your child’s learning so far this term.

Friday: 9.20  Sewing Workshop