Q: Why can’t a (red) nose be 12 inches long?

March 15, 2019

A:  Because then it would be a foot.

A taste of some of the great jokes the children shared today to support Red Nose Day.  The children all looked fantastic and we collected generous donations.  The total will be announced next week, but is well over £500.

We really thought about the power of speech (and facial expression) this week through another active LAMDA lesson in which we performed our own poems.


In addition, we worked together on a maths investigation (Do people with longer legs jump further?), and justified our results.  And we had a rich philosophical discussion on friendship using the wonderful Not Now Bernard by David McKee as a stimulus.

We have been refining our T-shirt designs ready to experiment with stitches and embellishments next week.


Please bring an old T-shirt into school for Monday, if you have not already done so.

If possible, please allow your child to bring 2 identical tea bags to school for our Oracy in Science project and investigation.

Next Week:

Maths:  Roman Numerals and the analogue clock

English:  Persuasive speech writing and performing

Monday:  Workshop (T shirt design and practice), LAMDA

Wednesday:  Fives

Thursday:  Swimming.  Evening performance of The Jungle Book at Storey’s Field Centre