International Children’s Day

November 23, 2018

On Tuesday, we celebrated Universal Children’s Day by thinking about children’s rights and looking at the experiences of children all over the world. We all realised the part that we can play in our school, communities and wider society. We raised money for the refugee school in Greece that Miss Natale worked at last year. Thank you for your donations.

We were also delighted to welcome Ms Desai who talked to us about Gandhi’s life and the power of his non-violent means.  We enjoyed deepening our learning of India on the Learning Street and film-making.

We collaborated well in a science investigation into melting which included learning to read a thermometer.

Those that took part in the cross country represented the school brilliantly on Thursday whilst the children in school enjoyed shared time with the Year 3s when we worked on designing and writing books, and enjoyed stories and reading together.

We reviewed and mastered direct speech.  Can your child demonstrate how to write and punctuate speech to you?

Maths Column addition challenges, and the x7 tables   Dicey Addition nrich

Next Week:

Tues:  Ryan MacDonald, Astronaut Candidate for Mars One proposed mission visit Year 4 and Year 5

Fri:  Christmas Tree Sale FOCUS