Half Term Review

October 19, 2018

We have spent this week writing, polishing and sharing our myths, and reviewing our learning for this half term.

It was a pleasure to see you at Family Friday this morning to share and celebrate the children’s learning.  I am delighted that some children are pursuing their interests in our topic work by doing further research at home.

If the children want to create presentations over 1/2 term that reflect their extended learning for a school topic or another of their passions, then we would be delighted to give them the opportunity to share that learning in school.

First Week back:

New topic:  Power and Invasion, English focus on poetry (perhaps your could could bring in a favourite poem to share), Science focus on states of matter

We change the children’s reading books each Monday.   We do remind the children each week to put books in the box for changing. It is quite tricky to find the time to do this at other times during the week so please bear with us if we cannot accommodate a book change on other days.


Your child will be bringing home a consent form for Bikeability Level 1 training – this is non-compulsory, free training for children who can already ride a bike. If your child would be interested in this, please return your consent form by November 2. The training will take place on February 1st if there is enough interest. If you have any further questions, please contact Mr Drane.

Message from FOCUS

Last Monday FOCUS met for their AGM. It was amazing to hear all about the great work that FOCUS have done for our school and how much money they were able to raise to support your children in their learning; we are grateful for such an active parent association. Highlights of the year were the purchasing of the mini bus and it is not an overstatement to say that without FOCUS we would not have this wonderful resource. Mr Drane has already started to make great use of this in transporting children to and from competitions and we foresee many more opportunities to hit the road in our new school bus. Many exciting events are planned in the diary already for this year in order to raise funds for school and the children and we cannot wait to be involved and we hope you will want to be involved too!

The success of FOCUS can only continue with the involvement of volunteers so please get involved in any way you can. If you would like to know more about how to be involved with FOCUS, or about the committee positions available or simply to offer help and assistance in some events then please email focus@universityprimaryschool.org.uk for more details. Role descriptions are available and FOCUS are always grateful for any help that you can offer in organising events and fund raisers for your children.

Thank you

Mr Smith, Mr Drane, Mrs Durning

Wishing you a peaceful and happy half term week.  Please help the children read, explore, adventure and rest.