Festivals and Celebrations

December 7, 2018

The highlight of our week was the trip to Great St Mary’s Church; learning about the history of the building,  singing  carols altogether and hearing the Christmas Nativity story depicted in the stunning stained glass window.

We also enjoyed learning about the Jewish festival of Hannukah during assembly.

In Maths we have been looking at tenths and comparing decimal and fraction representations.  Have a go at Chocolate Fraction Challenge.

Safeguarding: E-Safety

Some children in the school are aware of the popular game Fortnite. We have spoken in our classes to clarify with children that the game is inappropriate for their age.

The NSPCC have advised that parents should:

  • let children know they could talk to them if upset or worried by anything they had seen online
  • familiarise themselves with what their children did online and understand why they liked particular apps or games
  • agree family rules on how to use apps, sites and games
  • use privacy settings and parental controls to keep children safe

The news article below explains the e-safety issues for why Fortnite (age rating of 12+) presents a risk in its content, voice and text chat functions and so is not appropriate for primary-aged children.

In light of emerging concerns about the risks children could be exposed to, we are urging parents to be aware of Fortnite’s features,” 

Read the full article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-43988210

Next Week:

English:  fronted adverbials, suffix -ous and word endings -tion.

Maths:  tenths and hundredths

Monday:  Reception nativity performance to school, music with Mr R

Thursday:  Cinderella – performed to school, music with Mr R

Friday:  Christmas Art



Next week: