Fashion Finale!

April 5, 2019

A wonderful end to the half term:  Family Friday and a Fashion Show.  The children were all delighted to share their final t-shirt designs with their KS2 peers, and to take them home.  The results of their sustained efforts were clear.  Well done.  Designers of the future?


We also found time to investigate the differences between tea bags.  How long does your  favourite tea take to diffuse into hot water?

We  had time some superb presentations during show and tell this week.  The quality of your children’s research and preparation just gets better and better;  powerful life skills are being developed.

The children also worked together to create some super maths games.

The team are looking forward to next term and taking your wonderful children away on the residential trip.  Final details will follow at the beginning of term.

Wishing you all a lovely Easter Break.

Holiday Challenge:

  • English: keep a journal every day: write down what you’ve done and any reflections on life!
  • Reading: enjoy lots of books, go to the library, earn some money so you can buy a book of your own.
  • Residential:  What can you find out about the history of Bawdsey Manor?  Hint:  Search Bawdsey Manor + radar