Fashion Facts

January 18, 2019

We have enjoyed making a start on our topic this week.  The children have been introduced to the new learning street and are building new teams to help them work successfully during their playful enquiry sessions.


We have explored the impact of the cotton industry with a focus on the Aral Sea.  The children have been producing posters to spread the word with actions that they feel will help reduce the need for so much cotton to be produced annually with the benefit of less water use and environmental damage.


We will be focussing on multiplication and division in maths over the next few weeks and started by challenging the children to take 10 minutes to attempt as much of the  12 x 12 grid as they could in the time.  Ask the children to share some of their techniques with you.    Next week we will be multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100, including in real-life contexts.


  • Residential Trip:  A copy of the powerpoint from yesterday’s meeting, as promised: Bawdsey Manor Parent Meeting.  Aswell as Kit List.
  • Please can you check the medical and emergency detail sheets that I have given to each of you and sign and return them even if there are no changes.  Also the infant paracetamol permission slip if required.
  • Please could the children bring an old sock, or pair of socks in from home next week (they will be used w/b 28th January) – the sock will be transformed through the medium of sewing…!
  • Please remember to bring PE kits on Monday. For children’s safety, they will not be able to join the PE lesson unless they are wearing the appropriate school uniform.
  • Please remember swimming kit on Thursday.
  • There are lots of wonderful books on Bug Club for the children to read so please use this resource to further develop their passion for reading.