Democracy in action

September 21, 2018

We were inspired with a superb start to the week at LAMDA with new teacher Miss Katie.  Learning clapping games, tongue twisters and new warm-up techniques.

We had a superb immersive time in all things Ancient Greek.  A visitor from a story-telling, fact-sharing, team building Greek Warrior.

We tried to solve puzzles and play board games based on traditional Greek versions.


We were privileged to have a visit from Professor Graham Virgo who taught us a great deal about our own democratic legal system which we have begun to compare to its origins in Ancient Greece.  The banana that Professor Virgo is holding is not just a snack – ask your children its significance in law!

We then had to solve a local ‘crime’ – who has vandalised the early years playground?  We considered all the evidence to find the suspect and then used secret ballot papers to cast our votes.  

We then started to design our own Greek Temple which will be judged soon.  The winning design will be built in the Learning Street – wow!

Next Week:

Wednesday:  Outdoor Learning, please make sure children have a coat in school

Wednesday:  Mad Science Assembly

It was lovely to see some parents at the Curriculum Evening last night.  The content is shared with you below, along with some other information regarding the curriculum.

Curriculum Information for Parents

Home Learning Challenge

Spelling:   The suffix -ly.  How many -ly suffix words can you find in your reading this week?

Maths:  Revising  x3, x4, and x7 times tables.  Useful sites:

Times tables exercises:

Extra Spicy:

Mathletics:  logins from last week are still active.

Safeguarding notice: dismissal

  • If you would like your child to go home with another adult on a regular basis, please introduce the named person to the class teacher and they will make a scheduled note
  • If you would like another adult to pick up your child on a one-off basis, please let the class teacher or the school office know in advance and a password for collection
  • Only children in Year 5 are permitted to go home by themselves (walking distance) where written permission from a parent is received by letter. If cycling, children need to wear a helmet and a high visibility jacket.