Child-led learning

November 16, 2018

We have enjoyed some rich learning this week, some of it researched and presented by the children.  The effort they have put in and and the confidence with which they have shared their work has been superb.


Next week, on Tuesday 20th November, we will be celebrating Universal Children’s Day and thinking about the rights of all children around the world.  As a school we want to show empathy towards refugee children, who unfortunately live in very difficult situations and sometimes struggle to enjoy the right to play and education. For this reason, we are going to organise a fundraiser for Action For Education. This charity works in Athens and Chios to build pathways back into education and provide safe spaces for children and young people.

Miss Natale (Year 3 teacher) volunteered for the charity last year and will share with us some of the experiences of the children and young people she interacted with.  Therefore, we invite all children who would be happy to donate a GOLD coin (£1, £2) to refugee children, to bring it in on Monday or Tuesday.  Thank you for your support.

Maths word problems from this week:  Word problems 

Next Week

Maths:  Column addition    English:  Planning a narrative  Grammar:  commands and questions.  What punctuation will you find with these sentence types?  Can you find examples in your reading?

Tuesday:  Universal Children’s Day, Visitor for Topic Talk

Thursday:  Cross-country competition.