All things Poetic

November 1, 2018


We enjoyed a super-active LAMDA session this week with some brilliantly choreographed poetry performances.  Tony Mitton came to visit, shared his work and answered super questions such as “Why did you call your poem books Plum and Pip?” and “How did you become interested in poetry?” (Answer:  Loved playing with words and reading poetry from childhood).

We have created class poems and enjoyed sharing and unpicking the figurative techniques used in a range of different styles.  We will be looking at WW1 Poetry next week, and also the significance of the Remembrance Poppy.  If you have any relevant family records or memorabilia that you would be prepared for the children to bring in and share that would be wonderful.

We started a new science topic:  solids, liquids and gases

heard a superb presentation on the Greek Gods inspired by a trip to the British Museum at 1/2 term:

and experienced a flashmob from Year 5 who brazenly took charge of the class as a stimulating start to our Topic of Power and Invasion.  The children’s reactions were passionate: “It did not feel right”, “I didn’t like them telling us what to do, they are only a year older!” and “It gave birth to a new emotion in my body”.

Activities to support learning:

Please continue to help the children learn their times tables.  Have a go at this:  nrich maths.  Four levels of challenge to work out which times table and by how many digits the numbers have been ‘shifted’.

We have been learning spellings with the suffix -ation.  We have looked at these words: spellzone .  Continue to learn these and see which other -ation words you can find.

Next Week

Monday – Bonfire Themed Lunch

Tuesday – Orienteering competition for a Y3, 4, 5 Team

Wednesday – Divali Lunch

Friday – FOCUS Film Night


We use the NSPCC PANTS rule to help children gain an age-appropriate understanding around the issues of consent and keeping themselves safe. NSPCC have summarised this as the PANTS rule as:

Privates are Private

Always remember your body belongs to you

No means No

Talk about secrets that upset you

Speak up, someone can help.

Please see more information.