A Dickens of a week

October 12, 2018

By dressing in character, dancing, singing, modelling, freeze frames, diary and letter writing,  maths and philosophy we have weaved our way through the Victorian world of Dickensian story telling and lived formative moments in Oliver Twist’s young life.


Victorian School, including lining up for gruel, and trying to get to grips with pounds, shillings and pence. Balancing the books with £sd

Consider Yourself at Home!  wonderful singing and dancing with Sarah from Big Foot.

Team task: designing a workhouse.


Acting in character, and role play

A philosophy session using Mr Brownlow’s empathy towards Oliver’s plight as a prompt.

A super week of learning, well done Thames.

Next Week

English: Writing our own myths

Topic:  The original Olympics

Friday:  Family Friday and 1/2 term begins


We have reviewed our morning procedure and from Monday, we ask that the children line up in the original location closer to Thames, as they do at the end of playtimes.  Please note that the children remain your responsibility until they are brought into the classroom at 8.30; this allows 5 minutes for parents to pass messages to class teachers and learning coaches.  Thank you for you support with this.